Kitchen Floor Update

It’s been a busy couple of weeks!  Remember when I told you about the water coming up from our kitchen floor that resulted in my freak out and tearing out part of our kitchen floor?

Well thanks to my wonderful aunt, I was reminded “Hey you have homeowner’s insurance, call them.”  Why did I forget that???
So my insurance company sent out an adjuster and YES it is covered!  So now instead of me patching the flooring, I’m opting to have a professional install tile.  I’ve tiled before and I really liked doing it, but with the water damage, I want to make sure that the subfloor isn’t damaged or doesn’t need to be replaced in parts.  A professional will be able to do this much easier and quicker than I could.  
Now the fun part begins!  I have picked a contractor and he does FABULOUS work!  I have also picked out my tile which I am super excited about.  
I found it at Lowe’s and immediately fell in love with it.  Here is a link to the tile I am going to use.  It’s the wood look tile, 48″ long tiles… perfect!!  It really looks like wood!  I’ve gone back and forth with the grout, spent HOURS searching Pinterest and other blogs and photos and I have finally chosen to do small 1/16″ grout lines filled with black grout.  
I’m out of town this week for work, but will purchase the tile when I get back (I also got a 10% off coupon from Lowe’s emailed to me, nice timing!) and hopefully have this project knocked out the first or 2nd week of March.  I’m so excited!

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