So…This Happened

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That’s right folks…you are looking at a picture of me ripping up the ceramic tile in my kitchen.
About a month ago, we came home to a flooded kitchen.  That little water hose from the back of the refrigerator had busted while we were out of town.  I cleaned it up, thinking “whew, thank goodness we have tile and not wood floors.”  Until last week when I noticed moisture on my floor.

Honestly thought it was my little dogs.  I even told the hubby that we had Houdini dogs because I had put training pads down and thought they were going on top, then kicking them up and peeing underneath. ..I owe them an apology.

One of the tiles ended up cracking and when I saw the moisture last week, I popped that tile off  and found a mess.

Did I  mention that the previous owners of our house didn’t use cement backer board. .. they used plywood.  Do you know what water does to plywood?   It soaks it up like a sponge!!!  It’s not pretty.

I had to keep pulling up tile until there was no more damaged areas.   Hubby was out of town and not happy with me, until he got home and saw what I was working with.

Good news is that since pulling up those spots, there is no more water.  It’s dry as a bone, whew!
I’ve contacted my insurance company and they are coming out this week, hopefully this will be covered.

We had planned to redo the floor in the kitchen in a couple of years, so it may end up being sooner rather than later.

Have you had to patch tile before?  Ever had water damage?  It stinks!

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