The Finished China Cabinet

Well it took forever and a day, but the $5 china cabinet is finally finished!

I first introduced you to the china cabinet herethen told you about my re-building plans here.  

Along the way, many improvements were made like scraping off the gold etching on the glass.

But finally everything came together and the result is…AMAZING!  
Let me remind you what it looked like before.

This little beauty has been both rewarding to work on, and a nightmare.  I was faced with many challenges that were new to me such as: pocket screws, counter setting screws, attaching such a huge top piece to a base and making it was sturdy so that it doesn’t topple over.  But in the end, everyone who saw it in person was in awe and that made it all worth it!  I’m happy to say that this past Sunday, the china cabinet went to its new home and the new owner was absolutely thrilled… and so was I.
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