Vintage Shutters On The Front Porch

Happy Mother’s Day, well… a day late.  I had a great weekend, hubby brought me in the most beautiful flowers and I got to spend Sunday with the most important ladies in my life, my Mom, Aunt, Grandmother and my two cousins (who may as well be sisters to me) and all of our kiddos.  It was great!

I was also excited about this weekend, because I got to pick up auction winnings!  I am now the proud owner of 14 of these 79″ tall antique shutters.



I love them!  There are so many thing you can do with shutters… have you seen Pinterest lately?  I’ll sell the majority of them, but I’m keeping some.  I have a furniture show at the end of this month and a good friend showed me how to take the shutters and make a display unit out of them.

We pulled these out of a barn where they must have been sitting for about 50 years.  They were gross!

But with a little bit of dish soap and water, they started to look great!

I was worried that I was going to have to paint them because they’d be dirt red, but that is definitely not the case!

I used 6 of them to decorate my front porch.  It always looks so bare and I really thing this helps bring it to life.


The red really stands out and I’m not sure how I feel about that, so they may get painted, but for now, red will have to do!  The ones that I use for the show will be painted white and of course I’ll show you how that turns out as well.
What do you think?  Keep them red?  How have you used shutters?


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