Installing Baseboards Over Existing Baseboards

Baseboard hdrBaseboards over baseboards… over baseboards.  I’ve always had a hate/hate relationship with the baseboards in our house.  I wanted white and beautiful and this house has ugly brown.

When we had the new tile put down in our kitchen, I told the tile guy not to worry about putting the baseboards or quarter round down, because I wanted to so something different with them.  Imagine my surprise when I got home from work and realized he didn’t remove the baseboards… he just tiled right up to them! And wasn’t even clean and neat about it.

tile mess

After some choice words and a call to my mom… she said, “Well, I’m sure you’ll figure something out.”  Words of encouragement right there folks, haha.  But it worked, and it lit a fire under me, so I started researching.

I decided what I could do was a “fake baseboard”… Have you seen these?

Home Depot has a tutorial here.  It’s basically where you install a thin piece of trim on your wall a few inches above your existing baseboard then you paint it all and it gives the illusion of taller trim.

But the thought of all of that painting didn’t appeal to me.  I spill stuff… A LOT.  So I kept looking and found the answer.  RapidFit Moulding!    They make great moldings (base, crown, casings…oh my) that fit right over your existing trim!  You see, it’s hollow on the inside so it secures very snug up to your base trim and wall.

They make two sizes for baseboards, 5.25 inches or 7.25 inches, each in 8 ft lengths.  My motto has always been “go big or go home,” so I went with the larger of the two, the 7.25″.  Lowe’s was the only place I found that carries RapidFit and in my location they do not keep it in stock, so you have to purchase it online.  Here is a link to what I decided to go with.  A few days later, my Lowe’s guy called and said that it was ready for pick up.
When hubby came home with the boxes, I was like a kiddo at Christmas.  I ripped them open and then held it up to just about every baseboard in our house.
I measured everything and nailed it up with my handy Ryobi AirStrike (love this thing…seriously).
nail trim
And here it is!!!!

I love it!  I need to caulk and touch up paint.  I am also trying to decide if I should put down quarter round…I kind of like the clean look without it.  I want to take these tall baseboards throughout my downstairs and will… one room at a time.

Goodbye ugly brown!

Have you beefed up your trim?  How did you do it?

What a great option for those of us who for one reason or another can’t remove our existing baseboards.

**I was not compensated in any way for this post.  My opinions are 100% my own.**


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  1. omg! This is genius! Love this idea!

    • Mrs. Do It Herself says:

      Thanks Lori! Believe me, I was so happy to find a solution to cover up these ugly baseboards!

  2. Christina in FL says:

    Karrah, I can understand your horror when you saw what the tiler did. EEeeek. You turned lemons into Limoncello not just lemonade. 🙂 Completely stellar project, go Karrah!!! :)))) You’re so right…. go big!!

  3. I love this idea! Thanks for the nail gun tip too. Gonna get me one!

  4. Love this. Thank you for this new revelation!
    I have been looking for a nailer/stapler. You said you like yours what model is it? Is it heavy and does it take staples too?

    • Mrs. Do It Herself says:

      Hi Shelly,
      This particular one (Ryobi Airstrike) is a 16ga nailer. It doesn’t do staples. I know Ryobi makes a staple gun, but I don’t have one.

      I do have an air-compressor and a corded brad nailer and stapler combo. I like it, but I hate having to drag out the compressor every time I need it. It’s a Campbell Hausfeld.

  5. What a great solution! (And I hope you gave that tile guy a piece of your mind over the lazy install 😉 ) We are starting to slowly giving my parents house and update and they have these big baseboard heaters that my mom hates looking at. Maybe taller trim the height of the heaters would give the room a more cohesive look…I’ll have to do a little research.

    I am co-hosting the #HomeMattersParty link party this month and would love to have you stop by for a visit. The door opens for the next party tonight at midnight!

  6. These look amazing! Thanks for sharing. I love when a company comes out with a product that actually solves a problem.

  7. First of all, my mom tends to give the exact same encouragement to me. =D
    Secondly, this is PERFECT! Brilliant! I have really plain baseboards and I really don’t ant to rip the whole house in order to fix them.
    This cover is the perfect way to go about them. 😀

  8. Handywoman says:

    Unfortunately i cant get this in Australia .. so disappointed would have made for an easy job

  9. Jessie Angle says:

    Ok, so I am new to this home improvement business but I am wondering how it works when you have trim longer than 8ft??

  10. thx for the great idea. i just brought a coop and want to do some renovation, one of the local contractors gave me an estimate around $2800 for window casting, remove and install the baseboard, and wall moulding.
    by the way, do you need to buy special saw to cut the baseboard? and when i shop for nail gun, whts the recommendation guage of nail for RapidFit moulding?

    • I did my own baseboards this summer and I used a miter saw. I found my10inch saw on craigslist for about 40 bucks. New they cost about 120. The miter saw was crucial for quick, clean cuts. I did some touch ups with a miter box and a hand saw and it wasn’t clean and the effort to manually saw was a pain. I definitely recommend either buying, renting, or borrowing a miter saw.

  11. helen dehner says:

    Call me “inspired.” Thanks so much.

  12. Chris Chambless says:

    I just bought enough Rapidfit base to cover my old baseboards in the baby room we are remodeling. The PDF on their site mentions spacers (looks like shims) that go between the old and the new. They reccomend that they be place every 6 inches. Did you use anything like that?