Sometimes It Doesn’t Work Out, And That’s OK

When we got the keys to the flip house, one of our partners and I immediately started planning the kitchen. Both of our visions lined up perfectly, it was like she could read my mind.  We’d take the builder grade cabinets to white, rip up the sticky tile floor and put down ACTUAL tile, have the walls a nice light gray, back-splash and most importantly, switch out the ugly countertops for something new.

We both loved the look of white cabinets and a lighter countertop and were STOPPED IN OUR TRACKS when we found this one at Lowe’s.

Lowe's Countertop

Amazing, right?!  Sigh…

We didn’t buy them right away because we needed to rearrange a few things in the kitchen (the washer and dryer hookup was in the kitchen… for real).

So the kitchen upgrades began; all of the cabinets were removed, we tiled the floors, added additional cabinets, painted all the cabinets, went to reinstall the cabinets, then measured for our countertop lengths.  We needed a 12 foot section and Lowe’s didn’t carry anything that large in stock.  We would have to special order the countertops and that increased the price almost 4 times!!  We were heartbroken.  We tried to figure out a way to splice two pieces together, but it would have just been an even larger fail.

Luckily, around the same time, we had a Menards open here.


Y’all… I love this store!  We went there to look at countertops and sure enough, they carried 2 styles in 12 ft lengths!!!  We tried both options on some white stock cabinets and came home with this one, Golden Mascarello.


It looked okay in the store… I really liked it, but could see it more with a deep brown cabinet.  But it fit the 12 ft requirement, so we went with it.

Here it doesn’t look too bad.

not too bad

But as we started painting the walls and installing the backsplash.  It was totally out of place.  All the white and gray just made it horrible.



We were standing in the kitchen talking and the guys were telling us what a great job we did tiling (we totally rocked it out), and our one partner said “the kitchen will sell this place.”

We were silent.

Finally, I spoke up and said, “Well, we’re going to need to change the countertops then.”  Everyone agreed.

So back to Menards we went and on a whim, I went and looked at their special order countertops.  I found this one.

new count

I asked for a quote, expecting it to be outrageous and guess what?!  It was only $50 more!!!!  We found another option very close to the one pictured above, ordered it immediately and even upgraded the edge to an ogee AND had the whole thing vapor treated since we’d be putting a dishwasher underneath.  Our original color scheme was back in place!

So, sorry Golden Mascarello counters, we have to break up… It’s not ME, it’s YOU.  Maybe we’ll get back together on the next flip if we do a dark cabinet.

The lessons learned from this?

  • Sometimes Plan A and B don’t work out.
  • Trust your gut, if it doesn’t feel right… it probably isn’t.
  • Menards has awesome deals on counters (we’ll go with them from now on, for sure).
  • Oh and measure first.  That’s a good one, haha.

Ok, so this isn’t a full shot of the kitchen.  That will come in the full reveal, once we get the appliances installed.  🙂 But how great do these new countertops look!  I’m in love, the other counter never stood a chance!

installed countertops

Have you every been elbow deep in a project and realize that you simply have to make a change?  What did you do?

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