House Decisions

If you follow along with this blog, you know that we keep busy.  We took the leap last year and purchased our first flip house, then sold it after 3 days on the market.  Then, we purchased a second flip AND a rental house.  We placed tenants in the rental in July and are still working on the second flip.  This summer was eventful… to say the least!

While working on all of this, my dad passed away at the beginning of June.  Also, my mom has decided to move back to our hometown in Kentucky… she’s lived up here (Indiana) for a year and a half and it has been great having her around.  She’s been a tremendous help with our kiddo, who just entered his first year of middle school (EEK!!), so needless to say we are going to be sad to see her go.  The kiddo goes to a private school that is about 30 minutes from our house and we found out this summer that after-care would not be offered to middle school students.  With 2 parents who work 40 hour per week jobs, this threw us for a loop.  We don’t have family here and a 30 minute drive from school makes it rough to get someone to take him home.

So my husband sat me down this summer and said, “It’s time for us to move, OUR house needs to be our next flip.”  I have mixed emotions about it… but, the move will put us closer to his school and will cut out an extra hour (plus) of driving time for me each day to get to work.  I love our house and our neighbors, but it is honestly too big for us.

When we bought our house in 2007, the kiddo was getting ready to turn 2 and I had huge plans for more babies.  But in 2008, I was diagnosed with a prolactinoma (pituitary tumor) and we were never able to have any more, so we have two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs that we never use… along with over 2 acres that we have to mow each week.  It’s been a good house, but it’s time to get her ready for a new family.

However, with all of the flips and rentals and kid stuff and 40 hour a week job… our own home has been a little neglected, so a renovation is certainly needed!

Our plan right now is to work on the upstairs, since we don’t use it.

  • Rip up carpet – FINISHED!
  • Paint ceilings and walls
  • Install ceiling fans in both bedrooms
  • Install new hallway lights
  • Paint wood spindles on stairs and re-stain handrails
  • Trim out the attic access in hallway – FINISHED
  • New doors (you know I hate slab doors)
  • Remove old wood trim and install new white trim
  • Decide on flooring and install (carpet? or laminate?)

Hubby already got started on ripping up the carpet and removing doors.

adam floor


A lot of my upcoming posts are going to focus on these things that we’re doing and the processes involved, so I hope you all like renovation posts!

Until tomorrow, stay fearless!



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