Flip House #1 – All The Details

We sold flip house #1 in February 2016, so I wanted to consolidate all of the information and give a few more details about the process.

Our first flip house - all the details

Here are the main details.

  • Purchase Price = $45,000
  • Renovation and Holding Costs = $15,000
  • So our “All In” total was $60,000
  • We listed the house for $98,900
  • Sold for $94,500
  • We had planned on 12 weeks for the flip.  It took us 5 months to finish.
  • We put the house on the market in January and had the accepted offer within 3 days!
  • We purchased Flip House #2 in March 2016.

Below are the posts related to the first flip.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask in the Comments section below.  I’d be happy to answer any!


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