Updating Furniture With Chalk Paint

My husband went to a storage locker auction and I seriously had my doubts.  He won his first one for $5.  I won’t lie, it was awful.  Cleaning out other people’s trash is not something I want to do at all, so I stayed away.  I ended up asking him if there was any furniture in it and he said, “Yeah, but just an old broken down china cabinet, that I’m going to throw away.”


Enter my new project!

This cabinet had a door ripped off (screws were stripped), the back was hanging off, it was dirty, the base had no top and the bottom of the hutch was broken.  Sounds like a challenge…I’m in! Here is a couple of before pictures.

broken china cabinet

Above is the hutch.  Notice there is no base to it, I ripped that off because it was broken. And not to mention the awful gold etching on the glass sides.

china cab base

The cabinet had a door ripped off and no top.  It was absolutely nasty!  The shelf was drooping in the middle and the backing was stained, so I pulled that off which made it much easier to see what all needed to be done.
I knew I wanted to use chalk paint for this project because you don’t have to spend hours sanding or priming… SCORE!
folkart chalk paint
The excitement to test it out was REAL… I immediately cleaned up the broken door from the base cabinet and painted it.
Here it is before:
broken door before
And here is the door after 1 coat of the chalk paint.
broken door after
Can I just say, that I may have screamed a little bit because I loved it so much?  I ended up doing 2 coats and with chalk paint you also have to put on a clear wax which actually makes the paint bond and harden.  Next time, I’ll actually just use a poly (it will do the same thing and be MUCH easier), because the wax and I did not get along well.
The knobs and handles were spray painted in a matte black and within 36 hours, the bottom of the china cabinet looked like this.
painted base
Here is a side by side of the base of the china cabinet – before and after
before after china cab base
What do you think?  Have you used chalk paint on wooden furniture before?
What brands do you love?

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  1. I have never used chalk paint on anything, but I was scrounging around my office/”craft room”–and I say “craft room” VERY loosely– and I found two bottles of chalk paint that I had purchased and wondered what I could try them out on.

    I think that the bottom of the hutch looks like it’s going to become something someone might covet! I’ll be interested to see it when the top is on. Am wondering whether you will use the grey on the top, too. I probably would but there might be another attractive option. Anyway, good salvaging, Karrah!

  2. Charlotte Farley says:

    You’ve got a lot of Chutzpah! You have so much talent and are not afraid to tackle the most unlikely things. You go girl. I love reading your post and the pictures are so clear.

    I too, would love to see the completed china cabinet.