Light It Up! – Spray Painting Indoor Lights (With A Spray Shelter)

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Spray Paint Indoor Lights with HomeRight Spray Shelter

I’m back with more details on our upstairs renovation!  After removing the doors, trim and carpet, trimming out the attic access and painting the walls and ceilings, it was time to put new lights up in the hall.  It’s a long hall and the lights upstairs were dim and SOO ugly. Here’s a picture of the light before I painted the walls and ceilings. [Read more…]

Flip House #1 – All The Details

We sold flip house #1 in February 2016, so I wanted to consolidate all of the information and give a few more details about the process.

Our first flip house - all the details

[Read more…]

DIY – Build Your Own Entry Table

Build your own entry table for less than $40

Y’all, I’m so excited to share this build with you!

Last month, at the Haven Conference, I met Adam from Lazy Guy DIY.  If you haven’t checked him and his amazing builds out yet, you need to!  I sent him a message last week about a build I have been wanting to do for a while, but I am HORRIBLE with drawing up plans. [Read more…]

Old Coffee Table to Amazing Entry Bench

Upholstered bench from old coffee table - amazing tutorial

Have you ever seen a piece of furniture that you thought was so ugly and so damaged that it was a lost cause?  That’s how I felt about this huge 1970’s coffee table.  It was full of spider webs, had water damage and was flat out ugly.  It sat in our garage for a couple of months before any kind of inspiration hit me. Then one day, I had it!  With a little paint, some new legs and a new top… this might make a good entry bench!

The great new is, YOU can do this with any type of old furniture… a stool, end table or coffee table. [Read more…]

Updated Walls and Ceilings + Giveaway

Painting ceilings with a Graco Airless sprayerOur upstairs renovations on our house are well underway!  I am SO happy to say, that the walls and ceilings are painted and beautiful throughout the ENTIRE upstairs!  I hope you like pictures, because I went a little “before and after” crazy!  🙂

I have avoided painting the ceilings for years because I honestly can not stand to roll ceilings.  It takes forever, hurts my arms and takes forever… did I mention that already?  So I was thrilled when the wonderful folks at Graco sent me their Magnum X7 Sprayer, I couldn’t wait to try it out. [Read more…]