Updated Walls and Ceilings + Giveaway

Painting ceilings with a Graco Airless sprayerOur upstairs renovations on our house are well underway!  I am SO happy to say, that the walls and ceilings are painted and beautiful throughout the ENTIRE upstairs!  I hope you like pictures, because I went a little “before and after” crazy!  🙂

I have avoided painting the ceilings for years because I honestly can not stand to roll ceilings.  It takes forever, hurts my arms and takes forever… did I mention that already?  So I was thrilled when the wonderful folks at Graco sent me their Magnum X7 Sprayer, I couldn’t wait to try it out. [Read more…]

Trim Your Attic Access

Trim Your Attic Access

Yesterday, I told you about all of our house decisions and gave a partial list of what we’ll be working on upstairs, while we’re prepping to sell.

At the top of the list, the ugly attic access had to be handled! Check it out… [Read more…]

House Decisions

If you follow along with this blog, you know that we keep busy.  We took the leap last year and purchased our first flip house, then sold it after 3 days on the market.  Then, we purchased a second flip AND a rental house.  We placed tenants in the rental in July and are still working on the second flip.  This summer was eventful… to say the least!

While working on all of this, my dad passed away at the beginning of June.  Also, my mom has decided to move back to our hometown in Kentucky… she’s lived up here (Indiana) for a year and a half and it has been great having her around.  She’s been a tremendous help with our kiddo, who just entered his first year of middle school (EEK!!), so needless to say we are going to be sad to see her go.  The kiddo goes to a private school that is about 30 minutes from our house and we found out this summer that after-care would not be offered to middle school students.  With 2 parents who work 40 hour per week jobs, this threw us for a loop.  We don’t have family here and a 30 minute drive from school makes it rough to get someone to take him home. [Read more…]

SWAG Giveaway #3

Giveaway 3Here it is!  The final giveaway of the week.  You all have been AWESOME!  I’ve loved reading all of the comments and am thrilled with how much you have loved these items!

Let’s do it!  Giveaway #3 from my SWAG booty is a Dremel 200!


[Read more…]

SWAG Giveaway #2

Giveaway 2

Hey everyone!  I’m thrilled that so many of you registered for the first swag giveaway!  You all are the best!!!

So let’s get the 2nd of 3 giveaways rolling!!!  Here it is! [Read more…]