DIY Craftsman Trim

Y’all, this bathroom makeover is never ending. As soon as I get one thing done, I think…ohh, what if I did this too.  And so it goes..on and on.

So as I was painting the bathroom, I noticed something really stuck out… and not in a good way.  My new colors for the bathroom are gray and white.. and my doors, trim and casing are all dark brown wood. [Read more…]

Dirty Little Secrets – Cutting Off Cabinets

Ok, so it’s probably not that bad.  Remember when we had our new kitchen floors installed?  Something you may run into if you ever have this done, is issues with the new floor height… specifically appliances fitting back into their (already snug) places.

We have a monster refrigerator, which was literally pushed in with all of our might.  When the new floors added an additional 1/2 inch, there was no way it was going back in.  What to do?  After carefully inspecting the cabinets, I realized that there was a pretty large overhang from the bottom of the refrigerator cabinets… Wasted space!  Nothing a few power tools won’t fix!

I pulled out my Dremel Multi-Max and went to town!  As soon as it hit the wood, it took on a mind of its own.  As I tried to cut, the wood started to smoke!  Totally not the right tool for a big area like that, so I got my mini-circular saw and it made the job so much easier.

But my next mistake was “eyeballing it.”  You can see in the picture below, everything is very uneven… and this was after I fixed some of the painfully obvious uneven marks.

I finally got my head on straight and pulled out a level.  I have a really long one that I just held up to the opening and traced a line all the way across with a Sharpie.
Then using the laser guide, I followed the line and actually cut it straight this time.  🙂
I was able to cut almost the whole area across with my Versacut, but had to go back and get the inside corners with the Dremel Multi-Max.
The only thing left to do was clean up the sawdust and push the refrigerator back in!
Like a GLOVE, people!  And no one would ever be able to tell that the cabinet lip had been cut down.
Moral of the story:  Don’t be afraid to come up with your own solutions.  The important thing to remember is that almost EVERYTHING can be fixed.  Just give it some thought… and don’t eyeball it.  🙂
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