Flip House #1 – All The Details

We sold flip house #1 in February 2016, so I wanted to consolidate all of the information and give a few more details about the process.

Our first flip house - all the details

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Sometimes It Doesn’t Work Out, And That’s OK

When we got the keys to the flip house, one of our partners and I immediately started planning the kitchen. Both of our visions lined up perfectly, it was like she could read my mind.  We’d take the builder grade cabinets to white, rip up the sticky tile floor and put down ACTUAL tile, have the walls a nice light gray, back-splash and most importantly, switch out the ugly countertops for something new.

We both loved the look of white cabinets and a lighter countertop and were STOPPED IN OUR TRACKS when we found this one at Lowe’s.

Lowe's Countertop

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Flip House – Week 3 & 4 Update

flip house header

The house is moving right along… and we ALL still like each other! Week 3 was super productive and Week 4…not so much.  I was sick all week and spent 0 hours at the house. The other 3 (hubby and our 2 partners) spent a grand total of 17 hours and 15 minutes. But, man… we needed that break! [Read more…]

Flip House – The Plan and Budget

Hello everyone!  Sorry about the delay in posts, I have been super sick for the past 8 days.  Allergies and ear infections are not my friend. But I am back and feeling much better now.

I’ve had several questions about the financials and the planning for the flip house, so I thought I’d share some of those details with you.
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Flip House – 2 Week Progress Report

Hey everyone!  I absolutely can not believe how fast this flip house is coming together!  If you missed my first post, check it out here... that’s where I showed what the house looked like when we first walked in.

Here she is now…

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