Don’t Throw Away That Frame!

I find myself saying that a lot these days!

When my husband came home with this frame, he said, “It was only $10 and some of the molding around it is broken off… but I thought you could fix it.”

He totally gets me. lol

Repurpose An Old Frame (1 of 13)

How pretty!  And take a look at the detail in these corners.

Repurpose An Old Frame (2 of 13)

I die!  So in love!  But there was a catch, one corner was busted up. [Read more…]

Laying Long, Wood-Look Tile

wood look hdr2

Wood-look tile is beautiful, durable, comes in all different sizes and colors.

When our kitchen broke-down and we had to get new flooring because of a water leak, I knew I wanted wood-look tile, so I went with the long 48″ tile by Style Selections in Natural Timber Chestnut. [Read more…]

The Last Call

On June 3rd, my husband and I skipped town and went to New Orleans.  We were set to get on a cruise June 5th but wanted to spend a couple of days before exploring “The Big Easy”.

When we got on the ship Sunday, we had several hours of sailing down the Mississippi River before we entered the Gulf of Mexico, which meant CELL SERVICE!

I sat on the top deck, overlooking the beautiful sunset and called my dad.  We share a love of the ocean (it’s our happy place) and I’d be certain our ancestors made some horrible mistake settling in Kentucky if it weren’t for the horse racing… another shared love.

My dad had surgery on the day we left for NOLA.

dad text

He had complications from diabetes and smoking WAY too much and had to have his toe amputate in April.  The surgery in June was to clear out some of the dead skin and make sure everything was healing right.  “I’m fine,” he’d always say. [Read more…]

Updating A Fireplace

Do you have something in your house that seems like it stares at you every time you walk in the room?  Mine was my fireplace.  I love my big stone fireplace, but there were a couple of things that really bothered me about it.  First, the color of the stone is about 50 shades of brown.  Also, the actual fireplace box (is that what it’s called?) is black with bright 90’s gold trim.  Who ever installed it also got some mortar or something on the black part and it just always looks dirty to me.

So when I decided to paint my walls, the fireplace took on a horrible life of it’s own… check it out.

fireplace full view

[Read more…]

Tips for Painting Walls and Ceilings

I think we’d all agree that there is no quicker, bang for your buck, home improvement project that comes close to a fresh coat of paint.  Then you’ve got to worry about brands, color, sheen, what tools to use… or do you just skip it all and hire someone to paint for you?  When we first moved in to our house 9 years ago, I hired it out.  I had an almost 2 year old, worked full-time and lived an hour away from where we bought the house, so it was TOTALLY worth it!

Our entry, hall and living room haven’t been touched since, so after I started coming out of my winter funk, I headed to Sherwin-Williams to pick up my favorite shade of paint.  It’s called Analytical Gray and it’s the perfect lighter blend of beige and gray.  I used it in my dining room last year and LOVED it!   [Read more…]