Finishing the China Cabinet

It’s done!  The $5 china cabinet has been repaired, restored and repainted!  Let’s look back first, at how it came to me.

china cab base

broken china cabinet

Here is the final product!


china cab

If you haven’t read the previous posts about this little journey, you can find out how we acquired the $5 cabinet here.  I planned the re-build in this post and completed the base.

Along the way, many improvements were made like scraping off the gold etching on the glass.  You have to see my trick for getting that stuff off!

gold etch mark

With the top of the cabinet, I only had to add a bottom piece of plywood and paint the entire thing with chalk paint.  The new base made it so sturdy, it won’t ever fall over!  Which was exactly what I wanted to make sure of, before it went to the new owner!

If I would have had room in my house, I 100% would have kept this piece.  I’m so in love with it.  I will say that when I do this kind of project again, I will not use the wax.  Wax hates me.  You can get the same benefits from a poly and they come in matte, satin and gloss… so there are several sheen options.

One final look at this piece, then it’s off to the new owner.  <3

before after china cab base

pre paint china cab

china cab



Updating Furniture With Chalk Paint

My husband went to a storage locker auction and I seriously had my doubts.  He won his first one for $5.  I won’t lie, it was awful.  Cleaning out other people’s trash is not something I want to do at all, so I stayed away.  I ended up asking him if there was any furniture in it and he said, “Yeah, but just an old broken down china cabinet, that I’m going to throw away.”

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Old Coffee Table to Amazing Entry Bench

Upholstered bench from old coffee table - amazing tutorial

Have you ever seen a piece of furniture that you thought was so ugly and so damaged that it was a lost cause?  That’s how I felt about this huge 1970’s coffee table.  It was full of spider webs, had water damage and was flat out ugly.  It sat in our garage for a couple of months before any kind of inspiration hit me. Then one day, I had it!  With a little paint, some new legs and a new top… this might make a good entry bench!

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