Light It Up! – Spray Painting Indoor Lights (With A Spray Shelter)

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Spray Paint Indoor Lights with HomeRight Spray Shelter

I’m back with more details on our upstairs renovation!  After removing the doors, trim and carpet, trimming out the attic access and painting the walls and ceilings, it was time to put new lights up in the hall.  It’s a long hall and the lights upstairs were dim and SOO ugly. Here’s a picture of the light before I painted the walls and ceilings. [Read more…]

Painting Doors – The Super Easy Way!

door header

Hey, hey lovelies!  I hope everyone is enjoying this FALL weather!  First I want to say a giant CONGRATS to all of the HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams paint winners!  I expect pictures, girls!!

Progress on the house is coming along.  I haven’t done an update because we’ve been super busy AND I really want you all to be shocked when you see the awesome end result.  I can tell you this, we have floors in!  And they are AWESOME!  I’m going to tell you all about them, don’t worry.. but it will be after I get back from vacation!  We are leaving this Thursday evening and going on an 8 day cruise!!  I am so ready… no phone.. no email, it will be great!

Ok, on to the doors!  With this house we had to get rid of the ugly wooden slabs.  I’ve told you all my feelings on slab doors, it’s not good.  So we ended up buying all new doors from Lowe’s.  We price shopped them at Home Depot and Menard’s, but Lowe’s was definitely the winner in the 2 panel arched door category, coming in at $78 each. [Read more…]