What’s Been Happening The Past Month

Happy Thursday everyone.  I have been MIA for a few weeks because we’ve had A LOT going on.  First, the kiddo turned 10 in April… it’s hard to believe how fast he’s growing and that he has blessed our lives for TEN YEARS!!!

We had his party at MegaQuest which is an underground man-made cave that also has a ropes course.  If you’re ever in Louisville, it’s definitely worth checking out!

I’ve also been working long nights and EVERY weekend on re-doing furniture.  I have to say… I absolutely LOVE doing this.  Here are a few pictures of my “finished” items.  Those of you who follow me on Facebook may have seen some of the work in progress photos of these items.

All of these are sold!  I’ve been gathering furniture from estate sales and auctions and am participating in an indoor show at the Kentucky Expo Center over Memorial Weekend, so stay tuned for more sneak peeks.

One of my biggest sellers has been chalkboards.  I’ve even started selling these on eBay and they are going FAST!  Here’s one that’s for sale now.

I haven’t shared my process on making these yet, because honestly… it has taken me FOREVER to get it right.  But now, I believe it is perfected!  So look for a post on that soon!

Last, to help out with hauling all of the big pieces, my wonderful grandmother gave me my papaw’s old (and rusted) truck.  He passed away last May and there are no words to say how much I miss him.  He was full of spunk and grit.  I stopped in to see him a few years ago and he was sitting at the kitchen table twisting nails and wire around a corn cob that was nailed to a piece of wood. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was making a squirrel feeder.  “I’m not gonna just give it to them.. they have to work for it!” he said.  Those squirrels would hang upside down and reach and twist to try to get that corn, and papaw would sit at the kitchen window laughing.. I can hear his big roaring laugh now.

Anyway, all of that to say that this truck means a lot to me, and it’s just about as tricky as he was! The best part?  The love that Luke has shown “Papaw’s Truck.”

Even the hounds love it.  Ha ha!

I hope your month has been fab!  I promise I will have some great tutorials coming up… pinky promise!  

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