Bathroom Remodel – Update 2

Let me  just say, I am loving the way my bathroom is coming together.  I still have a couple of finishing touches to complete, but it is such an improvement and has been a very fun project!

If you remember from my last post, I had a wax ring fail in my toilet and it had completely ruined the subfloor in the bathroom.  “Ruined” doesn’t really do the damage justice…my floor collapsed and I was looking in my crawlspace…annihilated is a much more appropriated word!

I decided to take the opportunity and completely renovate the bathroom. The floor tile I chose was an easy pick.  Here it is laid and ready for grout.

The grout I used was Delorean Gray by Polyblend.  It’s a light gray and looked great with the tile. This is it before removing the haze.  If you’ve had trouble removing grout haze in the past, check out this post that I wrote when I removed haze from our kitchen tile.

The hardest part was definitely finding a vanity.  For real… I must have looked at 1000 vanities. I ordered one online and ended up canceling the order because the color was antique white and after thinking about the floor and what I wanted to do with the walls, I decided a true white vanity was what I needed.  When I saw the vanity below at Lowes, I fell in love.  That was it!

I ordered it online and picked it up in the store.  FYI, I do this as much as possible, using ebates. Have you tried it?  You sign up for an account and when you are purchasing something online, go to their site, type in the vendor you are wanting to buy from and ebates will give you a percentage back on your purchase. During the holidays they do double or triple (or more) cash back, it is AWESOME!!  They send out checks quarterly, but believe me, it adds up.  I’ve had an account with them for a couple of years and have gotten back over $1000!  Sign up…like.. now!

Anyway, back to the bathroom.  Switching out the light fixture was a must.  This lovely piece of work had been in the house, I’m sure, since it was first built. Excuse the yellowish pictures, all of the photos I snapped of lighting were terrible.

THE SHAME!  So embarrassing…. no words.

I found the perfect flush mount chandelier from Overstock (once again, purchased through ebates). Now my lighting looks like this.

It looks a bit dark in this picture, but it is NOT!  It is absolutely beautiful!  I love Overstock for lighting, they have very unique pieces that make a statement.. and the prices are very reasonable.

When it came to painting the bathroom, I went with a very light gray on the top half of the walls and white on the bottom.  To transition from one color to the other, I used trim on top and bottom with white and gray tile in the center.

I’m going to do a blog post specifically on this topic, so stay tuned for that.  The trim I chose is actually PVC.  I decided on that material because this is the main bathroom where we all take showers and using MDF would not have been a good option.  Any moisture exposure and MDF will swell.  Wood trim could have been used, but you need to make sure it is primed, painted, painted again and caulked completely.  You don’t want ANY moisture getting behind the wood and rotting it or creating an environment where mold could grow. PVC trim can be used indoor or outdoor.

Fun Fact: PVC trim can actually be heated with a hair dryer and molded into a curved shape if you have an arch or any other odd shaped need.

Once I got the vanity installed and the trim and tile in place, my bathroom looked like this.

Better, right!?  I have since installed the faucet and reinstalled the toilet.  Those pictures will be in the final bathroom reveal.  So what do you think?  I’m adding in some accent colors so that it’s not all gray and white, but I really feel like you can’t go wrong with these colors as your backdrop.

That’s it for now!


This post contains an affiliate link to ebates.  For full disclosure, when you sign up for ebates with the link above, I receive a referral bonus.  All views and reviews are my own.

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