Flip House – 2 Week Progress Report

Hey everyone!  I absolutely can not believe how fast this flip house is coming together!  If you missed my first post, check it out here... that’s where I showed what the house looked like when we first walked in.

Here she is now…

New windows and a new front door make all the difference in the world!  We also removed all of the rotten wood and replaced it with white siding.  The front still looks kind of bare, but when we add some landscaping and paint the front door, it will really make this place feel like a home.

Living Room/Bonus Room
The wall between the living room and bonus room is down and the difference is AMAZING.  This room is going to be huge!

We also now actually have lighting in the rooms.

I found these fans on clearance at Home Depot so I snagged 3 of them!  They were super easy to put up and they can be used indoor or outdoor.  Score!

All of the sticky tile is up and it was a nightmare trying to get that off the concrete. The residue left behind was like a giant sticky trap. If we stood too long in one place, it was hard to get moving again.  I even lost a shoe to the floor, it ripped the sole right off!

I cleaned up the cabinets and loaded them down with 2 coats of Zinsser primer (it’s my fav).  I haven’t started painting yet because we still have drywall work left to do and we certainly don’t want drywall dust embedded in our freshly painted cabinets!

Master Bedroom

Carpet is gone and that’s about all that’s done in here.

The old tile is gone and the vanity has been removed.

There have been a few surprises along the way.
We knew we’d have to get a new water heater because the old one was busted.  What we didn’t know was that there were 3.. yes 3…leaks in the pipes.  We finally just took all of the drywall down where the water pipes are so that when we turned on the water, we could see exactly what was happening. When it was time to turn the water on, we all took our places around the house to inspect the pipes.  There were no leaks and we were so excited… we were high-fiving and beyond thrilled.  Then one of the partners was checking to make sure the connection where the water comes in the house was secure and the hose blew completely off and a geyser of water shot up out of the floor.  The words I heard… I’m telling you.  Haha, all I could do was laugh (I’m one of those that laughs when I shouldn’t).  However, I’m happy to say the place is now dry as a bone… the future owners will not have to worry at all about water leaking anywhere in this house.
Speaking of drywall, we took down much more than we had planned.  But, like our partner said, if you know how to put drywall back up, it’s totally worth it.  Each sheet of drywall is about $10… add in the screws and mud and you’re at about $12.  So he’d say to us, “Is that crappy looking wall worth $12 to make it look great?”  The answer was always “RIP IT DOWN!”
We’ve really surprised ourselves with this renovation.  We thought it would take 3 months and it’s looking more like 6 to 8 weeks.  That’s with 4 people who all have 40 hour a week jobs.
Drywall and tiling start this week!  That’s when the real difference will start to show.

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  1. You guys really hustle :)).
    How do you determine it's "ok" to remove a wall that it is not weight bearing or has electrical through it?

  2. To determine whether it's weight bearing, you have to get above or below the wall and look. In our case, this house is on a slab (and only one floor), so we just looked in the attic. (There are quite a few tutorials on YouTube to determine whether or not a wall is load-bearing, if you don't know how).

    This wall did have electrical running through it (had one plug). We turned off the breaker, removed the plug, pulled it through (after removing the drywall) and tore down the rest of the wall.

  3. Right, what R&B said below (that's our company/partners!). We also had to decide what to do with the space that was now left on the ceiling where the wall use to be. Instead of taking down the whole thing, we decided to put up a faux beam!

  4. Looks like great progress. Looking forward to seeing the third week progress. It wouldn't be a true flip if there were no surprises. I saw that in your first. I was just wondering if anywhere on your blog you have stats? asking price, paid price, sq footage, market info?

  5. Hi Angel,
    I haven't put those stats together on the blog… yet! I was planning on doing a "recap" once we sell the house. But if there is interest, I could definitely do a "Here's Our Plan" post and we can see if we stick to it! haha. I like it!!