Our First Flip

I have news!  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably already know, but we just bought our first flip house!

I’m so excited and for a few different reasons.

  • First, working on houses and fixing things up.. this is what I love doing.
  • Second, we have partnered with another couple who just happen to be great friends of ours.  There is never a dull moment and it makes working on this house, that much better.
  • It’s been a dream of my husbands to have rental property or to be in real estate in some way, but I was never fully on-board.


Have you seen the name of my blog?

Bless him, he’s brilliant…and kind…and sweet…and he let’s me do whatever I want.  But being handy doesn’t come natural.  He’s a quick learner though and one heck of a demo guy.

The problem is, I know how many things there are in a house that can go wrong.  In the past, if I can’t fix it, he’s always told me to just hire it out.  As many of you know, there’s no money in hiring everything out, so as much as I wanted to back him in his dream, it simply wasn’t the right time.

Then, as fate would have it, our bathroom floor fell in and everything changed.  I’m convinced it was a “God thing.”

I called one of our good friends and he came and walked us though doing everything ourselves.  A light bulb immediately turned on for me, so I asked my husband that night what he thought about asking our friend and his wife about partnering with us on flipping a house.

And a new company was born!

After two weeks of looking at houses, we found “the one”.  Actually, we found 3!  But we bid on the first house through HUD and found out the next day that the bid was accepted!

Ready for a tour?  
Keep an open mind, it’s going to be beautiful!


Awwww.. dang!  There she is in all her 3 bedroom/ 1 bath glory.  Those shutters on the outside were recessed, wooden… and rotting.  You could also push on the windows and they would have fallen straight out.
Living Room
Bonus Room
So my first thought when I walked in (once it was ours) was that the wall between the small living room and the small bonus room had to go.  Let’s knock it out and make one huge living room!  Somehow… everyone jumped right on board with me!  We also made a plan for that small closet, but that’s a surprise. 🙂
What bothers me more than an unknown water leak that has damaged an entire wall?  A washer and dryer hookup in the KITCHEN!  We all agreed that this had to go.  So as of now, the plan is to reroute the plumbing a little further down that wall and into the closet area in the bonus room.
Master Bedroom
Guess what we never noticed on our walk-through of the house before we bought it?  No lights in the ceilings!  There are no lights in any of the 3 bedrooms or in the living room.
It’s not horrible.  🙂
What a great backyard!  It needs a little attention, but I can totally see a family with kids running around back here.  It will be perfect!
So that’s it for the “before” tour!  We closed on the house one week ago and for 4 people who work regular 40 hour (or more) a week jobs, the progress has been amazing.  We’ve knocked out walls, taken most of the house down to the studs, installed new doors and windows and have identified the source of the plumbing leak.
Stay tuned tomorrow for my Week 1 update!
Until then, stay fearless!
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