Flip House – Week 3 & 4 Update

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The house is moving right along… and we ALL still like each other! Week 3 was super productive and Week 4…not so much.  I was sick all week and spent 0 hours at the house. The other 3 (hubby and our 2 partners) spent a grand total of 17 hours and 15 minutes. But, man… we needed that break!

Let’s get to the update!

Drywall is up and has been mudded.


Ceilings have been painted everywhere except the living room and mud room.

Mulch has been laid outside.  We’re going to get some shrubs for the landscaping outside this weekend as well.

Kitchen cabinets were all removed to prep the floor for tile!

kitchen floor prep

The new mudroom was framed and all of the electric for it and the plumbing was moved (it’s going to be such an awesome space).


Electric was run so we could put a ceiling fan and overhead light in the living room.

new lights

Here’s my hubby making the hole for the new electric.

hubby working

Look how happy he is, you can tell he’s smiling.  I’m pretty sure it was because he got to do something besides demo! <3


Week 5 plan:

  • Work on the bulkhead/beam for the ceiling.  We tossed around drywalling it or framing it out in wood.  There are some pretty fun ideas floating around!
  • We’ll also be tiling the kitchen and mudroom (this is our “girls project”).  Here’s the tile we picked out and I am seriously in love with it.  I’ll tell you all about the details when we get it put down.tile sample
  • Sanding all of the drywall.
  • They guys will be finishing the inside framing of the windows.

Sherwin-Williams has been awesome enough to supply us with the paint for the house!  We’ll be using their new Showcase HGTV Home line that is now available in Lowe’s!  Did you know they are now in Lowe’s??  I didn’t!!  I’ll be doing an awesome giveaway that I can’t wait to tell you about… so be sure to check back in next week!!  :0)





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