Mosaic Tile Floor Transitions

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I love tile.

But when you have to merge one person’s work with your own, it can lead to some out-of-the-box creative thinking…and a lot of margaritas.  I told you here about having my kitchen tiled and here about tiling the dining room myself after having paper floors (which I loved, btw).  What I failed to mention, was that there was a big, ugly gap now between the two rooms.
mosaic tile floor transition-2

 Here’s another view
mosaic tile floor transition-3
I debated on putting a piece of tile across the transition, but decided I wanted to make it a little more “me”… Especially when I saw this great mosaic tile at Home Depot.
mosaic tile floor transition-5

I simply measured and cut the tile into strips that matched with the transition area in my floor.

The result??

Create a unique floor transition with mosaic tile. Amazing results.

And here it is grouted

I love it!
The grout in the picture shows up gray, but it’s actually black and doesn’t look that light in person.
Have you ever had a difficult floor transition to work with?  What did you do?
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  1. How beautiful! What a great idea. I think I'm going to try it. Thank for the inspiration.

  2. This is pretty…but not practical. PLEASE DO NOT install a wall tile in a floor and expect it to last! This may work short term…but the glass tile will break! It is not if…it is when.

  3. Thanks Charlotte!

  4. I disagree. I did a ton of research before committing to installing the mosaic tile transition. Fear of the glass breaking is something people use to worry about, but not so much any more. The biggest concern is it being much more slippery than regular tile. With this being a transition only and in an area that we are not in that much it has been a perfect application for our use. I will certainly keep everyone updated, but so far, so good. As long as your floor is even, clean and a sturdy cement board is laid, there should be no problem. Would I lay a whole floor of this? Absolutely not, but for the transitions.. it works.

  5. I had your installers brother install flooring for me . He left the transition and said he would come back to it when he figured out how to finish it .Well 2 yrs later and many phone calls it is still a mess. The transition from my living room to a bedroom is very uneven. Bedroom was a addition to the house by owners long ago. I now am trying to fix the gap myself and I think your post is going to be the answer to my problem . Wish me luck I hope it lasts for a few yrs . TY