Painting Doors – The Super Easy Way!

door header

Hey, hey lovelies!  I hope everyone is enjoying this FALL weather!  First I want to say a giant CONGRATS to all of the HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams paint winners!  I expect pictures, girls!!

Progress on the house is coming along.  I haven’t done an update because we’ve been super busy AND I really want you all to be shocked when you see the awesome end result.  I can tell you this, we have floors in!  And they are AWESOME!  I’m going to tell you all about them, don’t worry.. but it will be after I get back from vacation!  We are leaving this Thursday evening and going on an 8 day cruise!!  I am so ready… no phone.. no email, it will be great!

Ok, on to the doors!  With this house we had to get rid of the ugly wooden slabs.  I’ve told you all my feelings on slab doors, it’s not good.  So we ended up buying all new doors from Lowe’s.  We price shopped them at Home Depot and Menard’s, but Lowe’s was definitely the winner in the 2 panel arched door category, coming in at $78 each.

primed door

My weapon of choice was my HomeRight FinishMax Pro… Y’all for real…this thing is worth it’s weight in gold!  I’ve used it so many times painting furniture, and am now using it on the kitchen cabinets!  For less than $70… you can’t go wrong with this little beauty!

HomeRight Finish Max

Be sure to tape off all of the hinges, because you certainly don’t want those covered in paint.


You may also have to thin out your paint.  I was using latex paint so you can easily thin that out with a little bit of water.  The sprayer comes with a viscosity tester thingy.  You dip it in the paint and if all of the paint isn’t out within a certain number of seconds, you need to thin it.  Easy-peasy.

So let me ask those of you who have painted doors in the past a question:

How long does it take you to paint a full sized door?  Just one side with the trim?

I am getting ready to blow your mind with my time… wait for it...

Here the door is half way through, you can see the white paint really makes this door pop.

half painted door

Since the sprayer does a very fine mist, it actually dries very quickly.  I ended up putting 3 coats of paint on these doors and I’m telling you, it took me longer to prep the doors and clean up than it did to paint all of them.

painted door - full

Door close up


Here the door is hung up, doesn’t it look great up against those gray walls!  Do you see those floors?  Man, I can’t wait to show EVERYTHING to you all!

Excuse the cell phone pic on this one, it was late at night and the lighting was terrible.  You can also see where paint needs to be touched up all down the corner of the wall.

final door

Ok, so do you have your guess ready for how long it took me to paint the door?

2 minutes and 23 seconds!

And I went slow to make sure I got it all done right!  Yeah!!


This post contains affiliate links that when you click on and purchase the item, I receive a small commission.  However, as always, all opinions and painting mishaps and victories are my own.  🙂




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