We Built A Christmas Tree Lot!


Yes, that’s right, the kiddo and I built a Christmas Tree Lot in our front yard for this year’s Christmas decor!

I had been wanting to do something special…  I get tired of putting up lights on my front porch and calling it “good enough”.

When I saw that HomeTalk.com and CountryLiving.com were hosting a blog hop for Holiday Decor, I sat down and planned it all out.
HomeTalk CL
First, I built the Christmas Tree Lot booth.  Total, it cost me less than $50 to build… not too bad!  Here are some pictures of the frame.  I used my new Kreg Jig K5 to build the base and make it extra sturdy… Y’all, I’m in love with this thing, it makes joining boards SOOO easy!  For the other pieces, I nailed them in with my Ryobi AirStrike.

CTL frame1

ctl frame2

I then used 1x3x8 boards that I cut down to size for the slats on the front.  On the sides, I used 1×4 boards.  Then spray painted it all red.

ctl painted1

ctl before sign

I used my Ryobi jigsaw to cut the top sign out of plywood and nailed it up with my AirStrike gun…. then wrapped a ton of lights around it.

CTL Sign

In order to make it look more like a Christmas Tree Lot, I took 3 long PVC pipes I had here in my garage and drilled holes in the top.  From there I screwed in hook screws so I’d have somewhere to hand my lights.  To get the pipe to stay straight, I drove a metal rod in the ground for each PVC pipe.  I then placed the PVC pipe over the metal rod and pushed it down into the ground.  Then I just zigzagged the lights from pole to pole.

I also used my jigsaw to cut out simple triangle trees out of plywood.

spray paint trees

The kiddo spray painted them then I attached each to a wooden stake with my nail gun.

For extra light around the trees, I picked up a couple of the spiral lit Christmas trees from Home Depot.  It was a 2 pack for around $35.

I loved this project… the best part though for me was seeing how much fun my sweet boy had.  He was so excited to help and did a video tour on his iPad when we finished, to show his friends.  I watched it once he went to bed and he said at one point, “me and my mom built this, we’re entering a contest and she can win tools… she REALLY likes tools.”  Haha, very true!  You can vote for me at Ryobi Nation (details below).

Luke Christmas Tree Lot

The finished product?  Here you go!

final with watermark

I’m loving it!  We need to get a spotlight to shine on the Christmas Tree Lot booth so it shows up… but other than that, I think it turned out great!

I’ve entered this project in Ryobi Nation’s #MakeYourHoliday Challenge, so if you get a free minute, please go here to vote for me!  I’ll be forever grateful!

How are you decorating for Christmas?   And what the heck am I going to do with this booth after Christmas??  We have no place to store it!  Hubby said it would make a great bonfire, sounds like a good New Years plan, I guess!

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  1. This is so FUN!!!!!!

  2. Visiting as a fellow participant from the #HomeForChristmas blog tour. Your Christmas tree lot idea is brilliant! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. Hugs, Holly

  3. First of all my compliments to you for building this. It’s amazing and so creative. I think it’s great that you included the kiddo in your project making, it looks like he had a blast helping you!

  4. So stink’n adorable – very clever idea! I bet your house has been the talk of the neighborhood. Pinned to share 🙂

  5. I am so loving this. I want one. Probably should wait til next year though. OMG. Pinned. Would LOVE if you shared this at my party What to do Weekends. Linda @Crafts a la mode