Don’t Throw Away That Frame!

I find myself saying that a lot these days!

When my husband came home with this frame, he said, “It was only $10 and some of the molding around it is broken off… but I thought you could fix it.”

He totally gets me. lol

Repurpose An Old Frame (1 of 13)

How pretty!  And take a look at the detail in these corners.

Repurpose An Old Frame (2 of 13)

I die!  So in love!  But there was a catch, one corner was busted up.

Repurpose An Old Frame (5 of 13)

Ok, so I wouldn’t be able to keep the gold corners, which I normally would have done (or at least tried).  But I had a plan for this beauty.  A little chalk paint and it would be amazing!  However, this corner would need to be fixed before I could do anything.

Step One: Prep the Frame

Remove the backing of the frame and the glass. I just flipped this frame over and cut the backing with my blade. CAREFULLY remove the old print and the glass, (no cutting yourself please).  I would not be reusing these so I tossed them.

Repurpose An Old Frame (3 of 13)


Next you’ll want to clean the frame.  I wiped it down really well with Clorox wipes and let it dry.

Step 2 – Fix the Frame

I thought about this for a while and ended up trying Bondo.  I knew it would be paintable and should be somewhat forgiving.

Repurpose An Old Frame (6 of 13)

When you mix this up, it smells pretty bad, so wear gloves and make sure your area is ventilated.

I just plopped it on the area with the broken molding and used a wooden skewer to shape it and create some peaks.

Repurpose An Old Frame (7 of 13)

Not very pretty, right?

Here it is dry.

Repurpose An Old Frame (8 of 13)

As you can see, drying didn’t make it look any better.  But, the next steps make all the difference!

Step 3 – Paint the Frame

I did 2 coats of chalk paint.  Here it is after the first coat… you can tell it’s still wet.

Repurpose An Old Frame (9 of 13)

SO much better!

Step 4 – Distress

I grabbed some sand paper and went over some of the edges lightly to bring out the gold that was still hiding underneath.  Then slapped in a pre-made chalkboard and here she is!

Repurpose An Old Frame (10 of 13)

Close up of one of the distressed corners.

Repurpose An Old Frame (12 of 13)

Look how big it is!

Repurpose An Old Frame (13 of 13)

And a full view shot.

Repurpose An Old Frame (11 of 13)

That’s it! I am so in love with these shabby chic frames and chalkboards.  I have them all over my house and never get tired of them.

If you’d like to see the tutorial on creating a chalkboard, click here.

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Don't Toss That Old Frame

How have you used old frames?  Let me know!





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  1. Please delete the original comment…. I thought the uploaded photo would be a icon thingy. oops!

    Beautiful job Karrah! I love using old frames for new projects!


  2. Great husband and great makeover!