If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I was at the Haven Conference last week.  This gathering of amazing bloggers and top notch vendors, just gets better and better each year!  The SWAG we walk away with is TREMENDOUS!

I had a few duplicate items, so… I’m giving them to you! Holla!!!

I’ll be doing 3 giveaways this week.  The first will begin today and end Wednesday, August 17, 2016.  The second will begin Wednesday and end Friday.  The last will begin Friday and end Monday.  These giveaways are for US residents only… sorry international shipping is crazy!


Giveaway #1

Ok, up first is this awesome mini toolkit from Shaw Floors.  It’s the perfect size to keep in your car!  The reps for Shaw Floors were so great at the conference and have so many flooring options!  I’m totally going to have to try out their waterproof luxury vinyl flooring on our next investment property!

Pink Toolkit

But I can’t leave you with nothing to use this tool kit on, can I?  Nope!

You’ll also get this Moen double robe hook with their new “Press & Mark” technology.


And…. a couple other goodies!


There are 2 ways to register.

  1. Comment below
  2. Visit Mrs. Do It Herself on Facebook


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Good Luck!!!!!





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  1. Carly Williams says:

    I’d hang some artwork that I’ve been putting off!

  2. Gina Escalante says:

    So many projects so little time! All of the above would really help out with a few that I have in mind! 🙂

    • Mrs. Do It Herself says:

      I know! Does it ever end?! Good luck and be sure to come back for the other giveaways this week… they only get better!!

  3. Wendy Johnson says:

    So many dislike pink, I think it is lovely and now useful too.

  4. We are renovating our bathroom, this would really come in handy!

  5. Harriet Jefferson says:

    Love it! They would definitely make hanging my DIY mirror easier!!

  6. Mary Stewart says:

    I have a ton of shelves to hang in my new office. That tool kit would really help out a lot!

  7. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Mrs. Do It Herself says:

      You are very welcome! Good Luck and be sure to check back later in the week! 2 more giveaways!!

  8. First I would admire how pretty and pink it is and then I would go find something to fix, tighten or light up!

  9. I’d use it to disassemble some furniture in preparation for an out-of-state move in October, then reassemble the furniture when I get to my new home.

  10. Taylor Closet says:

    I would hand my drapes using those tools and store it in my car when I’m done.

  11. Karie Elrod says:

    I bought my hud home two years ago and I would use the tools for many projects! Hanging mirrors, putting the hook in my 18 year olds bathroom, I could use them for so many things. Best of luck to everyone and thank you mrsdoitherself for the giveaway!

    • Mrs. Do It Herself says:

      No problem Karie! Be sure to check back later in the week (Wednesday and Friday) for the other giveaways… they only get better!

  12. Amy Brunner says:

    Build some pallet furniture!

  13. I would finally get a large photo wall up. I’ve been gradually buying black frames at IKEA and Costco. If I had these fun tools, it would definitely get accomplished!! Crossing my fingers and toes that I win.

  14. Christina in FL says:

    Oh Karrah, I bet Haven was SOOOO much fun! So sweet of you to offer to share. :))))
    Fingers crossed for myself … yet I know whomsoever wins is going to be over the moon happy!!!

  15. I would make a new cabinet!

  16. Wow! Tools my guys won’t “borrow “! That alone is priceless!

    • Mrs. Do It Herself says:

      haha, very true! I did get a pink hand dolly one time thinking my husband would NEVER use it… but guess where I found it when it went missing? The trunk of his car! He didn’t care, haha. Good Luck!

  17. I’m in the process of semi-finishing my basement for a place for my kids to play. I think that I could use all these tools for this one project alone!

  18. Ik vind het super van al de weggeef-artikelen…Spijtig dat ik van België ben en er niet van kan genieten, zo heb ik het toch begrepen, maar ik wens alle deelnemers succes en hoop dat ze het bij hun klussen goed kunnen gebruiken. Ik ben zelf ook klusser en geniet van al datgene wat ik al van je gezien heb. Lieve groetjes en ben blij dat je mensen blij wil maken!!!!

    Yolanda Smits

    • Mrs. Do It Herself says:

      I hope I get this right. 🙂

      Yolanda , Hartelijk dank voor de vriendelijke woorden . Ik ben heel blij dat u geniet van de blog .

      Beste wensen,

  19. Michele Riggsbee says:

    Wow, great swag! Thanks for sharing. I would put the pink toolbox to good use!

  20. So kind of you to share your abundance!! Just moved into a new home so hanging pictures and curtain rods come to mind!

  21. Mary Cloud says:

    Use it to fix my doorknob that keeps coming loose

  22. I would use it to change out my cabinet knobs in the kitchen and hang a towel rack and a bar to hang my cooking tools.

  23. Cool giveaway. Love your blog. Hope I win!

    • Mrs. Do It Herself says:

      Thank you so much Katie! Good luck and be sure to check back tomorrow and Friday for the next giveaways as well!

  24. I’ve got a couple of roadside finds that I’ll be working on soon.

    • Mrs. Do It Herself says:

      Ohh! I love re-purposing items! Good luck and be sure to check back tomorrow and Friday for the next giveaways! They are excellent!!!

  25. Love this! I would replace the hardware on my bedroom furniture, hang some curtain rods, replace cabinet hardware in baths and kitchen but keep wearing a big smile on my face ’cause winning would make me so happy!

    • Mrs. Do It Herself says:

      Aww… that’s a long list of to-do items. It seems like our lists grow longer and longer, doesn’t it? Good luck!

  26. I have so many repairs to do in my new home. Would love my own tool set to do them all with.

  27. Taylor Brumett says:

    I will use it at my new job with Brumett Remodeling!!

    (My boss is an a**)


  28. Amy Clemons says:

    Thank you for doing these giveaways!

  29. Cherie mccann says:

    Yay, free stuff!