Herringbone Wood-Look Tile

Lay shorter wood look tile in a herringbone patternI told you last week about how I laid my long 48″ wood-look tile in my dining room.  But what do you do when your tile is shorter?… much shorter?

At our new flip house, we knew the kitchen was going to be a complete gut.  The cabinets were terrible and the layout wasn’t the best, so we got to pick out brand, spankin’, new white cabinets from Menard’s.  While there, we looked at flooring and loved the color of their wood-look and the price was right at $1.57 per square ft.  But they were so short, especially when you’re use to 48″ lengths!  I agreed on the tile, but knew I was going to have to lay it in a “different” pattern to jazz it up!

What pattern did I choose?  Herringbone!  But it’s diagonal across the floor… check it out.

herringbone wood look tile

This post doesn’t really have a full blown pretty after shot yet.  So you have to use your imagination.  Picture white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.  Dreamy, right?!

Let’s look at the process:

I started in a corner and laid a few center pieces, working my way down.

herringbone tile floor wood look

I then went back and started on the long pieces that went out to the sides.  I focused on laying full pieces and working my way down the kitchen floor.  Then left for the night.

It took me several days (just working a few hours at a time) to get the main pieces laid.  The last step was going all the way around the room and placing the cut pieces that went along the edges of the wall.  This was certainly the way to go. By waiting, I was able to let the tile dry, then walk on it to get the edges.  Also, with my wood-look tile at my house, I didn’t use spacers.  Since this was such a detailed pattern, I HAD to use them.

Here are some different views of the tile after it was grouted and mopped.

herringbone wood look tile

Herringbone wood-look tile

herringbone wood look tile

In the next few weeks, there will be some huge changes.  We’ll be putting drywall up and then installing the cabinets, countertops and appliances.  I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Herringbone isn’t hard to lay, however, it IS time consuming.  This took me FOREVER.. no joke, I was so over it by the end.  I do think, it’s little details like this, though, that sell a house.  So would I do it again?  Absolutely and for $1.57 per square ft, I’ll tough it out!

Oh!  One more thing before I leave you.  Check out what my husband found when he was cleaning out the landscape.

brick landscape

That’s BRICK Yo!!

The brick was completely covered by dirt and grass.  He shoveled it all off.  I really like it!  Once it’s power-washed I think it will look fantastic!

We’ve also got a few of the new windows in and the new door.

flip house

Have you laid herringbone tile?  Would you?


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