Updated Walls and Ceilings + Giveaway

Painting ceilings with a Graco Airless sprayerOur upstairs renovations on our house are well underway!  I am SO happy to say, that the walls and ceilings are painted and beautiful throughout the ENTIRE upstairs!  I hope you like pictures, because I went a little “before and after” crazy!  🙂

I have avoided painting the ceilings for years because I honestly can not stand to roll ceilings.  It takes forever, hurts my arms and takes forever… did I mention that already?  So I was thrilled when the wonderful folks at Graco sent me their Magnum X7 Sprayer, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

graco sprayer

A few things to note:

  1. We had already taken up the carpet in the hall and bedrooms, so we didn’t have to cover any flooring.  If you do this and you are not going to remove flooring, you’ll have to cover it very well.
  2. I painted the ceilings BEFORE the walls, so that I didn’t have to worry about over-spray getting on freshly painted walls.
  3. We have wood trim throughout our house.  Had I known how easy it would have been to spray, I would have told the hubby to hold off on removing and trashing all of the trim and I would have just painted it.  When you do this (assuming you don’t have flooring in yet), you’d just paint the ceilings, then paint the baseboards with the sprayer.  You can then roller the walls, AND this sprayer even has a roller attachment that you can purchase!
  4. I painted the walls with Sherwin-Williams Analytical Gray in a flat finish.  I used Sherwin-Williams ceiling paint for the ceilings.  This was the first time I had used SW ceiling paint and I don’t think I’ll ever use anything else!  It went on flawlessly!
  5. When I painted the hall, I had to cover the cat-walk area and stair area on my upstairs, to make sure that paint over-spray didn’t fall on my furniture below. (Pictures below)
  6. Wear eye protection and a mask when using a sprayer because the over-spray dust goes straight up your nose and breathing that in, isn’t good for you.

Here’s my guard dog watching over the sprayer.  I had to make her go downstairs while I was painting and she was not happy about it.

Lucy sprayer

Bedroom #1:


Bedroom 1 before

Next I painted the ceiling with my X7.

bedroom 1 ceiling painted

Then I trimmed.

Finished product.

bedroom 1 after


Bedroom #2:

This room has an angled ceiling on one side.  I always thought it would be cool to do shiplap in here. 🙂

Bedroom 2 Before

Check out this side by side of 1/2 of the ceiling being painted.

half painted ceiling

What a difference!!!  The right side is so bright and shiny and the left side is old and dingy.

upstairs hall renov-2


You’ve seen the hall before picture in my post about trimming out the attic access.

hallway before pic

I had to tape off the railings.  I used 3M ScotchBlue Pre-Taped Painter’s Plastic.  This stuff is awesome, you attach the tape then pull down the plastic and it clings right to the wall.  I LOVE this product!  It wasn’t long enough, so I placed a 2nd layer down at the end and it covered everything perfectly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the time all the plastic was up, I felt like I was in an episode of Breaking Bad, lol. But, it worked like a dream!

Here is the after!

upstairs hall renov

Ahh.. I’m in love!  I’ve bought new doors for the upstairs and I’ll be using this sprayer to paint them as well.  The best part? The clean up is a BREEZE!  It has a water-hose attachment that you hook up and it clears all of the paint right out of the sprayer!


Ok, so… time for a giveaway, right?!  You are going to go crazy over this GRACO Magnum X7 Airless Sprayer!!!  You must be a U.S. Resident, over the age of 18.  The winner will be picked at random on Sunday, September 4, 2016 and announced here and on Facebook!  Good luck, lovelies!!!
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Disclosure:  I was sent the Graco Magnum X7 paint sprayer in return for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Amy Brunner says:

    OH my…we are getting ready to repaint our living room, hallway and steps and this would be amazing! We have textured ceilings and I have dreaded painting them!

  2. Fantastic results. I want to paint two sheds so this sprayer would be the perfect tool to make that happen. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. Awesome! Yep, I hate to paint ceilings, heck–I hate to paint anything (except furniture) 🙂

    Good luck with all the rest of the stuff yo have to do Karrah!


    ps off to read about your attic access!

  4. OMG….the before and after results are amazing…..I’ve been wanting to paint the ceilings in my home but just the idea of all the hassle has stopped me for years….this sprayer looks like the answer to my prayers….Thanks so much for sharing <3

  5. I would paint every room in my house. It’s been 7 years and they could really use it. I also have an old step back cupboard my husband would love for me to finally paint and get out of the garage.

  6. Mary Stewart says:

    Our ceilings have not been painted ever! We’ve been in this house 25 years! We recently had the kitchen and both bathrooms stripped to the studs and redone. The contrast between the kitchen and family room ceilings just makes me want to cry! We know the rest of the ceilings in the house have to be done but my 65 year old husband and I cannot do it. It would be rolling and rolling and rolling forever and it just makes me want to cry! So if I win this sprayer, guess what I’m gonna use it for? CEILINGS!

  7. Tiffany Banks says:

    I would use this to repaint ALL of the walls & ceilings in every room in my house!!

  8. J.J. Vernier says:

    I have been thinking about buying one of these! I would paint my dining room and a couple of bedrooms, ceilings too!

  9. Rena Walter says:

    I do need to paint the walls!

  10. carol clark says:

    in my whole house i mean this is a useful machine my ceilings my walls i need a pick me up for my house

  11. Michael Thompson says:

    My best friend just bought a house, and some of his walls are purple and pink, so would be helpful to spray those room for him!

  12. Heather Williams says:

    You made this look like something I could do! Which is good because I have to repaint 3 rooms and I was totally stressing about it!

    Thanks for putting my mind at ease.

  13. Love the new color upstairs! I’ve been putting off doing my kitchen cabinets because I don’t have a sprayer! Thanks for the chance!

    • Mrs. Do It Herself says:

      Thanks! I love the color too. It’s Analytical Gray from Sherwin-Williams. That and Mega Greige are my absolute favorites!

  14. Katy Glynn says:

    I’m starting the process now of searching for my first home and slowly narrowing down my choices! I’m sure I will be doing lots of upgrades once I find the perfect home! Crossing my fingers and toes!

  15. Karen Boyd says:

    I need to paint my living room, foyer, dining room, kitchen and hall. I also hope to paint some cabinets that we are remodeling for our kitchen. Then we will put done a hardwood floor.

  16. Liberty T. says:

    I would love to update the color of our guest bedroom and eventually paint all of our downstairs!

  17. I’d use the paint sprayer to do all of my walls (which are an awful yellow-taupe color now)! Then, I’d paint my entertainment center and an unpainted armoire awesome new colors – something I’ve been putting off for years!

  18. Bonnie Cramer says:

    I’d use the paint sprayer to do my ceilings. Have been putting off the job for the same reason you gave. But it needs to be done. Next, time to repaint the half-bath downstairs, and then maybe more. One project always calls for another you know.

  19. Taylor Brumett says:

    Eric and I are going to complete our unfinished basement and could really use this!!

  20. Kelsey Brumett says:

    I’d use the paint sprayer to paint my ceiling in the basement we are about to start working on finishing! Family room, bar, bedroom and bathroom ceilings will all be included!

  21. cheryl mccann says:

    Need to remove the wallpaper from my daughter room and paint. She is very allergic. Also need to pain my son’s room. He has autism and has knocked a few holes in the wall that need patching.

  22. Michele Pineda says:

    I need to paint my master bedroom and dining room since I have been remodeling those 2 rooms for the past few months and finally decided on the colors I want in those rooms.

  23. We have an entire 80 year old house to paint, just as soon as we take down the old nasty wallpaper. It should be illegal to put up wallpaper.

  24. Heidi Harms says:

    I am amazed at the job you did! I would do the same thing in our home. Ceilings, walls, trim and all. The X7 looks so cool.

  25. Julie Murphy says:

    painting the basement

  26. to paint the nursery

  27. I would love to paint our master bedroom.

  28. I’d love to use it to repaint the bedrooms.

  29. I would use this sprayer for painting my entire house! ALL my rooms need paint so bad.

  30. Faye Gates says:

    I have several projects, but I bought an old chandelier, and I want to paint it. This would make it a breeze, instead of cans of spray paint.

  31. Looks great! I’d use this for my living room and also on cabinets I want to paint

  32. I would use it to paint my living room, hallways, and kitchen. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  33. Catherine Buell says:

    what projects wouldn’t I use this on??? There are so many walls to paint in my home. The next room to tackle will be the living room or the office. Or maybe the foyer. Or upstairs hallway? Or guest bedroom, yup its dark purple. Eeekk!!! So much to paint. With a new baby in the home, it’s hard to find enough time, and this would definitely save alot of time!