A Look Behind The Lens – It Ain’t Always Pretty

At the Haven Conference this year, I started talking with some other bloggers about how we all stage photos to get that perfect picture…AND… what you don’t see.  Let me just say, it was COMFORTING to me to know that that I am not the only one that has a bunch of junk on either side of my photo frame.

So today, I thought I’d show you the absolute worst part of my house. Unfortunately it’s the part that ANYONE can see – the outside!

Ok, deep breaths… this is hard for me, lol.

First let me say this (excuses, I know), I am horribly allergic to pretty much every kind of weed, grass, fur and dust.  I spent 2 days a few years ago mulching and pulling weeds and ended up having the worst allergy attack ever and it turned in to pneumonia.  I swear my lungs haven’t been right since!

Anyway, my aversion to working in the landscape has turned in to this.


Ok… that one’s not TERRIBLE.  But how about this?  There’s supposed to be landscaping under that!


And this!


There are bushes I planted this spring under there, y’all!  It’s like a Where’s Waldo to try and find them!

So after being fed up with it long enough (and of course, trying to get our house ready to sell), I called in reinforcements…and hired it out!  They had to not only pull weeds, but also till it all up! But look at it now, and this is BEFORE putting weed fabric and mulch down.





I was so excited to see the weeds gone, I went and bought all kinds of mums!  I guess I need to take the tags off of my boxwoods as well.  You couldn’t see them before!

The hubs went and got a couple of truck loads of mulch and I bought the weed fabric to keep those buggers away.  Then we had the people put all of that down and now the landscape looks like this!




SO MUCH BETTER!  The landscape was bare on the right side of the house, so I picked up a limelight hydrangea bush at the nursery. It was 50% off, but it looks pretty established.  I hope it lives!  I’ll let the new owners plant what they want in the rest of the space (if I ever get the inside “market ready”).

Here’s a before and after from the same spot.

Before and after landscape

Do you have areas that you hide from people?  Are you like me and have it in plain sight? haha




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  1. I have the same aversion to landscaping, however not quite-so-severe allergies. Had to bring in the pros as well to do a big cleanup. Now the trick is keeping it up! Ack.